UTC Employee Growing Project

Vision Statement

Educate, demonstrate, and promote health and nutrition awareness, self-reliance,

entrepreneurship, and teamwork to our employees that can become a resource of community outreach.



Our commitment to quality and global expansion rises and sets with the sun.


UTC is a company that has always forced change. We have helped develop innovative curing techniques, pesticide management practices and direct-buying methodologies that are now industry standards. We have been the vanguard of change in the industry.

We are a family of pioneers. We are keenly aware of ever-changing global economies and evolving marketplaces and have consistently demonstrated our importance to manufacturer’s supply chains worldwide.

As we look at our family history we see a bond that boasts proven methods of production, processing, distribution, finance and service.

As we look to the future we will build on that history and strengthen our existing long-term relationships with US and European markets; and expand our reputation of quality leaf and unmatched, customized service into Asia and other corners of the globe.